The Warehouse
Vehicle: Lotus Esprit [Type 114] (2001)
Key Rings Needed: 15
Time to Beat: 01:19:69
Location: Borough
Chase: 4
Previous Chase: Next Chase:
Blackfriars Bridge None
The Warehouse is the fourth and final Chase mission in The Getaway: Black Monday. In order to unlock this chase the player must have collected 15 key rings. The time to beat is 01:19:69.

The chase name, The Warehouse, refers to the Borough Factory. The entire chase takes place in Borough and starts near to where the factory is located. The player will be required to stop Nadya Prushnatova and Viktor Skobel.

Mission BriefingEdit


  1. Chase and ram the target vehicle into submission. Mission is won when the target vehicle is in flames or overturned.

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