The Fall of an Icon
The fall of an icon
Game: The Getaway: Black Monday
Character: Eddie O'Connor
Given by: Eddie O'Connor
Location: Pumphouse
Rewards: None
Difficulty: Normal
Mission: 22
Unlocked by: Unlocks:
Beginning of the End Credits
(Game Complete)
"I'm sure it has not escaped your attention, but I am, as you would say, fucked."
Viktor Skobel
The Fall of an Icon is the twenty-second and final mission in The Getaway: Black Monday. It is an independent mission for protagonist Eddie O'Connor.

Mission Edit

Eddie punches Alexei in the face and knocks him off the back of Viktor's boat into the River Thames. Alexei drowns to death and Eddie hears Viktor Skobel say his name from behind him. What happens next depends on what decisions Eddie picked throughout the games' storyline in the missions, Return to the Scene of the Crime and Your Man with the Tattoo. If Eddie saved or left Sam Thompson or helped or left Jackie, then there are four possible endings that can occur.

Outcome (Helped Sam)Edit

If Eddie helped Sam, she will come to Eddie's rescue and mess up the boat controls. Eddie and Viktor will then fight on the boat and it will lose control and crash. Sam then wakes Eddie up, gives him a gun, and the two of them then chase after Viktor. Eddie will then kill Viktor and escape, and Sam will be seen in the end cutscene with a towel rapped around her, meaning she survived the game.

Outcome (Left Sam)Edit

However, if Eddie did not help Sam, she will be taken hostage by Viktor. because she was captured at the bank by Alexei. Viktor drops a beaten Sam to the floor and then tries to kill Eddie. Eddie attacks Viktor and the harpoon gun being held by Viktor will be fired at the boat driver killing him and causing the boat to lose control. Eddie and Viktor will then fight each other and the boat will crash. Eddie then wakes up and chases after Viktor who still has Sam hostage. Viktor will then kill Sam by throwing her off the top of a railing and letting her fall to her death below. Eddie will then kill Viktor and look down below at Sam's dead body feeling regret for not helping her. Eddie then escapes and Sam will not appear in the end cutscene, meaning she has not survived the game.

Outcome (Helped Jackie)Edit

If Eddie helped Jackie and pulled her up to safety, then Mitch will decide to help Eddie in the final mission. When Eddie chases after Viktor, Mitch confronts him and will help Eddie when Eddie tells him that he isn't the one Mitch wants. Mitch agrees and the two of them team up to kill Viktor. Once Viktor is killed, Mitch takes Eddie's gun and agrees to let him go because he did not let Jackie die earlier. Mitch then leaves and is seen in the end cutscene walking around the area with other police officer's around him, meaning he survived the game.

Outcome (Left Jackie)Edit

However, if Eddie let Jackie fall to her death, then Mitch will decide to stop Eddie in the final mission, because he considers what he did as murder. Mitch will attempt to stop Eddie and Eddie will have to kill Mitch in order to get to Viktor. When Eddie kills Viktor, Mitch's team arrives on the scene and finds Mitch dead outside. Eddie then escapes and Mitch will not be seen in the end cutscene, meaning he has not survived the game.

Mission Briefing Edit

Objectives Edit

Saved JackieEdit

  1. Pursue Viktor through the Pumphouse. Kill him.

Left JackieEdit

  1. Defeat Mitch.
  2. Pursue Viktor through the Pumphouse. Kill him.


Unlock Edit

Successfully completing this mission unlocks the end game credits. You have now also completed The Getaway: Black Monday story.

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