Symond lawes

Symond Lawes

Symond Lawes is an English actor who played and voiced Sparky in The Getaway. He is the father of Archie Lawes, who provided the voice of Alex Hammond in the game. Like most of the other actors who play gangsters in The Getaway, he was an "Ugly Model". Other than The Getaway he also appeared in Dr Who The Silver nemesis, The Bill, Crimewatch, The growing pains of Adrian Mole and Dear John.


  • In 2008, Symond Lawes produced the X-Ray Spex show at The Roundhouse in Camden, with the legendary punk singer, Poly Styrene. His production company is named, Concrete Jungle Productions. Since 2011 he has been running the Great Skinhead Reunion in Brighton.
  • In 2016 he appeared in the BBC 4 documentary, The story of Skinhead, by Don Letts.
  • His sons: Archie Brewis-Lawes and Jack Brewis-Lawes have a band called Mindofalion.

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