Special Features is an option in both The Getaway and The Getaway: Black Monday, which can be accessed via the main menu of the game. It offers bonus content for the player.

The GetawayEdit

In The Getaway, there are two Special Features: Credits and Free Roaming.

The credits for the game become available once the player has completed the first twelve missions of the game. Free Roaming becomes available once the player has completed all twenty-four missions of the game. Alternatively the player can use a cheat code to unlock it straight away. In Free Roaming the player takes the role of Mark Hammond only.

The Getaway: Black MondayEdit

In The Getaway: Black Monday, there are four Special Features: RaceBlack CabChase and Free Roaming.

In order for the player to unlock races, Black Cab and Chase missions as well as Free Roaming characters, the player must progress through the story of the game as well as collect key rings which can be found in missions.

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