A real life sawn-off.

A very rare and powerful gun which can only be found in Mission 12, Aboard the Sol Vita. The gun is used by Harry, and it will shoot 2 rounds before needing to be reloaded again. If you're quick enough, you can kill Harry and still be able pick up this gun. However, you will only be able to fire a few shots from it before the mission ends.


  • In The Frightener, Eyebrows uses a blunt object which resembles a sawed-off shotgun to knock out Mark Hammond. If this was a sawed-off shotgun, it is possible that it is the same one that Harry uses.
  • In the mission Meet Mark Hammond, Whilst sneaking into Charlie's warehouse, several gang members can be heard talking about how the sawn off is Harry's trademark.
  • In the promotional material, and poster, Jake Jolson is actually the one most associated with the sawn off.
  • In reality, Sawn off Shotguns are incredibly inaccurate, and not recommended for shooting at targets at long range.

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