Outside the Pumphouse.

The Pumphouse is an interior featured in The Getaway: Black Monday. It is located in the City of London just off the River Thames. The Pumphouse is where The Getaway: Black Monday game ends. It is first seen during the flashing sequences in the opening of the missions, Monday and This Geezer, Hector. The final camera shot of Ben Mitchell confronting Eddie O'Connor by the pier shows the Pumphouse in the background. It is not properly seen until the final mission of the game, The Fall of an Icon. After Eddie O'Connor kills Alexei on Viktor's boat, the boat loses control either by the fact that Sam Thompson breaks the boats controls, if Eddie helped her in Return to the Scene of the Crime, or by the fact that the harpoon gun, which Viktor Skobel holds, goes off and kills the driver. The boat then crashes through a pier and hits an old cargo ship near the Pumphouse. Eddie then wakes up, gets off the boat and arrives outside the Pumphouse. Depending on whether he saved Jackie Philips in, Your Man with the Tattoo, Mitch either assists or attempts to kill Eddie. If Eddie didn't help Jackie, Mitch is killed prior to entering the Pumphouse, otherwise, he goes inside the Pumphouse with Eddie and helps him. Similarly with Sam, if Eddie helps her then she waits outside the Pumphouse, otherwise, Viktor takes her hostage inside. After the boat crash, Viktor and his men flee into the nearby Pumphouse for safety. Eddie however, chases after him. Once a few gangsters are taken care of outside, Eddie makes his way into the Pumphouse to kill Viktor. If Sam is held hostage, Viktor immediately retreats upstairs and holds her hostage by the railing. Eddie can't get up there due to the vents.

Inside the Pumphouse.

If he doesn't have Sam, Viktor will run around downstairs attempting to kill Eddie, before retreating upstairs for safety. Eddie makes his way through the first room of the Pumphouse and takes out some of Viktor's men. Four staircases lead up to the top floor, and there are three rooms either side that can be entered, which lead to a lower level where the vent controls are located. If Viktor has Sam held hostage, Eddie makes his way downstairs and destroys the vent controls by starting a fire. When he returns to the central room however, Viktor throws Sam off the railing above and lets her fall to her death. Either way, Eddie then makes his way up the stairs to the top floor where more of Viktor's men are located. He shoots at both Viktor and his men and eventually manages to take all of Viktor's gangsters out. Viktor then retreats to an above level. Eddie goes up the other set of stairs and shoots at Viktor in the central part. After an intense shootout, Viktor is killed by Eddie and he drops the icon, spilling the diamonds across the floor. Eddie then makes his escape by a nearby ladder which leads to the roof.

Top floor of the Pumphouse.

It Mitch helped Eddie, then Mitch will let Eddie go after he retrieves his gun. If Mitch has been killed, Eddie just escapes using the ladder. If Sam died, Eddie looks down at her body from above, regretting not helping her earlier. After Viktor's death, Mitch's team, consisting of Paul Evans, Jack Harvey and Stoppard, arrive outside, along with backup SO19 officers. If Mitch has been killed, they burst inside to try and find out what's going on. If Mitch is alive, they take their time and secure each area. Afterwards, the camera pulls out and in the final shot of the game we see the Pumphouse. In addition, an ambulance and some police cars can be seen which have arrived to the scene of the shooting. Mitch and Sam will be stood by the ambulance if they survived, otherwise they will not be seen.

Ultimately, Viktor and his men are all killed at the Pumphouse. It was presumably then secured as a crime scene after the shooting.

Mission AppearencesEdit


  • Considering Viktor doesn't actually own the Pumphouse, there seems to be far too many of his men inside, as they must have all come from the boat. Perhaps, they were the men Eddie knocked out during the previous mission, Beginning of the End.

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