This car has to be one of the fastest vehicles in the game. Words can't describe how fast this car can go, and I'm pretty sure that only one other car in the game can match the speed, and that's not the Lotus 7.

As you should well know by now, the streets of London are packed with cars and busy roads. The Lotus Elite has amazing acceleration and top speed, but the handling is pretty poor. When you are going quite fast, it is very easy to spin out of control and hit other cars and objects. The damage this car can take is also very weak, so this car probably won't last you long in London unless you are a very, very skilled driver.

This car cannot be found anywhere around the streets of London. It is a rare vehicle and I have only found it in one mission and parked somewhere in Free Roam Mode. You can call this a hidden vehicle if you like, but it is not very hidden if you can find it in a mission, in my opinion. You will find this car parked always, but never alone. This car can only be found sitting next to a TVR car, so it's usually a fight to choose between those two babies.

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