"Are you going to kiss me or arrest me? Shit. You've ruined my jacket. This is designer jacket. And you ruined my haircut. This £60 haircut. You don't understand because your mother cuts your hair."
―Levi Stratov
Levi Stratov is a character in The Getaway series who acts as the quaternary antagonist in The Getaway: Black Monday.

Originally from Latvia, Levi is given the nickname of Latvian Cowboy. He worked for Viktor Skobel and is a member of his gang, the Thieves in Law. Levi is an aggressive thug who thinks very highly of himself and is extremely arrogant. He and his men steal expensive cars, re-spray and private plate them, then ship them out to Eastern Europe for cash. This is all done at his scrapyard, Stratov Metal Company, which is located in Lambeth.

Early Life Edit

Born in Latvia in 1964, Levi is an arrogant, obnoxious thug who thinks very highly of himself. After committing petty crimes, Levi was recruited into the Thieves in Law by Viktor Skobel and became associated with the gang. He befriended Alexei and answered to Viktor personally. Levi setup a business with help from the gang and began stealing cars across London. After stealing them, he would take them to his scrapyard where they would respray and re-plate them and then ship them out to Eastern Europe. Levi was unaware however that his activities were being monitored by the police.


Munroe had been watching Levi for some time since he first arrived in London in early 2004. After learning of his illegal activity, Munroe decided it was time for him to be brought in. Munroe sends Ben Mitchell to arrest him at Levi's scrapyard. Mitch arrives with Stoppard and gets involved in a heavy shootout with Levi's men. Eventually Levi is captured and taken back to the police station, where he is interrogated by Mitch and Munroe.

Munroe shows him a newspaper which mentions about the disappearance of British journalist Jackie Philips. Munroe asks what he knows about to which Levi insults him and refuses to give them anything. After an argument, Levi is granted a phone call and he phones Alexei, Viktor's second in command. Levi panics and begs for help. Alexei tells him to calm down and phones Viktor, who arranges for his immediate release. Munroe tells Mitch and Harvey to follow him and Levi leads them to a construction site which is owned by the Thieves in Law.

They speak with another police officer called Finch outside, who has been keeping an eye on the building. They conclude that Jackie is being held hostage inside by Nadya Prushnatova, another member of the gang. Mitch then enters the building with backup SO19 officers. They shoot their way inside and find Jackie who is then escorted out of the building by Mitch. On their way out however, they run into Levi who begins shooting at Mitch. Mitch chases after Levi who continues to insult him. Levi makes it to the entrance of the construction site, but by this time, more SO19 officers are waiting outside, preventing anyone from escaping.


It is up to the player what happens to Levi at this point. Mitch can either kill him and will then say "It's about time you died", or Mitch can arrest him. The option Mitch picks will not effect the game in any way. If Levi is arrested instead of being killed, then it is likely he would be in prison for a long time. Usually Levi will be killed due to the fact that he only surrenders and drops his gun when he's very low on health. Mitch being aggressive and angry will therefore most likely kill him.


Levi is new in London and claims to be trying to live a normal life by making an honest living. This is of course not true, as he steals cars and then illegally exports them to Eastern Europe. When Mitch goes to arrest him, a big shootout takes place at the scrap yard between the police and Levi's men, indicating that Levi was a fairly high ranked member in Viktor Skobel's gang. Levi is very full of himself, and seems to hate cops especially, as he calls Munroe and Mitch pigs. He is however loyal to Viktor, seen as he doesn't tell the police anything about the gang. However, this is most likely due to fear of being killed by Viktor. He is an important enough character for Viktor to arrange to be released from custody, further indicating his importance within the gang.

Mission AppearancesEdit


  • Levi's name is pronounced: "lee-viii", not "le-veee", as Inspector Munroe calls him. Levi takes offence to this and dislikes anyone calling him by the incorrect pronounciation.

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