The Harpoon Gun is an unobtainable gun used by Viktor Skobel during the cutscene in, The Fall of an Icon. It is known to kill with a single shot. What he does with the gun is based on Eddie's choice during the mission, Return to the Scene of the Crime.

In two possible endings of The Getaway: Black Monday, in which Eddie O'Connor helped Sam Thompson in, Return to the Scene of the Crime, Viktor will point the gun at Eddie after Eddie throws Alexei off the end of Viktor's Boat. Eddie will talk with Viktor and then Sam will interfere with the boats controls, causing the driver to lose control and not be able to turn the boat. During the confusion, Eddie will attack Viktor and punch him in the face, causing Viktor to drop the gun. Viktor will retrieve it moments later and swing it at Eddie, trying to hit him in the face. Eddie dodges both attacks and then punches Viktor in the stomach, causing him to drop the gun. The fight then continues at the front of the boat before the boat crashes.

In the other two possible endings in which Eddie O'Connor didn't help Sam Thompson, Viktor will hold Sam hostage with the harpoon gun and threaten to kill her. He then drops her body and points the gun at Eddie. After he reveals to Eddie that the police are chasing him, Eddie makes his move and attacks Viktor. The gun then accidently goes off and hits the boat driver, going straight through his stomach and killing him instantly. Because of this, no one is operating the boat causing it to lose control and crash. During the fight between Eddie and Viktor, Viktor will also pick up the gun and try and swing it at Eddie but will miss both times and then be punched by Eddie in the stomach. Viktor then drops the gun again and the fight continues at the front of the boat as it does with the other two endings.

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