Desperate Measures
Desperate measures
Game: The Getaway: Black Monday
Character: Ben Mitchell
Given by: Munroe
Location: Safe House
Rewards: Eddie O'Connor (Free Roaming)
Difficulty: Normal
Mission: 8
Unlocked by: Unlocks:
The Jamaican Monday
"Do you read the paper Harv or just eat your chips out of it?"
Paul Evans
Desperate Measures is the eighth mission in The Getaway: Black Monday. It is given to protagonist Ben Mitchell by Munroe. This is the last mission for Ben Mitchell and completing this mission concludes his story and starts Eddie's story.


Not soon after, Mitch is dispatched to rescue Jackie once more. Although there seems to be a "time aspect", you can afford to take your time and not get hit too much. Head inside the safehouse and head to Jackie's safe room. A cut-scene with the Chief will ensue; give chase to the fleeing enemy. Hop over the low railing (Triangle) and either kill or rescue the hostage. Take out enemies quickly with the SMG and R1 (quick aim). The way forward is rather obvious, but take it slow even though you are "in pursuit" of a suspect.

The way forward is rather simple -- if you can't hop it, you can only go forward. Move across the rooftops with caution. Sometimes enemies will pop-out around corners and other ambush spots. Luckily, enemies always appear in the same fashion and in the same position each time; after several tries of the same section, you'll be able to learn the enemy appearances better than if we told you. It's true of that saying, "You cannot teach, but you can always learn".

Reaching this area (above left) of the roof allows Mitch the luxury of firing down on the various enemies below. Manual aim with the handgun will make the job easy. The fire escape stairs are dangerous since Mitch cannot duck or roll to avoid gunfire. Move down (or up) them quickly to get to cover. Shoot past the arcade and locate a door leading to an area similar to what's shown in the illustration (above right). A circular saw will be grinding away, so listen for that audio cue as you move across the rooftop and jump the gap. Head down the stairs and whack the oncoming enemies. Move quickly down the alley way where a car will drive in with a car load of enemies armed with assault rifles.

Mow down the enemies and get in a car quickly to speed off -- moving cars are the most dangerous weapons in the game. Do you doubt IGN? Head into free roam mode and brush your character up against a moving lorry (or automobile) and watch that corpse fly! Locate the black sedan that stops right in front of this small complex and move in. When you corner the perp, get ready for some interesting movies. The mission will end successfully after the cut-scenes are all run through and the next character is unlocked.

Mission Briefing Edit


  1. Race back to the safe house before the kidnappers have gone.
  2. Search the flat and secure the abductors.


Unlock Edit

Successfully completing this mission unlocks the ninth mission in the game, Monday, which is the first mission you play as for Eddie O'Connor. Completing this mission allows you to play as Eddie O'Connor from now on. Eddie O'Connor is also unlocked for Free Roaming mode.

Trivia Edit

  • When you start the mission, you're supposed to turn left in order to follow the alleys until the safehouse, but it's quite hard because of the timer. Instead, you should keep going straight by avoiding the roadblock. This way, you will be able to drive on the main roads and you will save a lot of time.

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