You can only drive it at one time during the whole game. This is the old-fashioned Lotus car that you start off with in Free Roam Mode. It has speed, acceleration.

The Lotus 7 may look like an old, rusty sport car that can't get faster than 70mph, but the engine never gets old. The speed is incredible and it certainly surprised me when I first turned on the engine. You will go a lot faster than most other cars and the speed almost matches other sport coupes.

The handling for the Lotus 7 is surprisingly good, as most fast cars have rubbish handling. This car only has one seat so it is an evenly balanced car. I think the balance helps quite a lot with the handling here because most sport cars spin out of control because of the balance. This car is, however capable of spinning out of control which can be a problem because the car is quite weak.

This car can only be found at the start of Free Roam Mode.You cannot find it in any mission or anywhere in Free Roam Mode other than the start. Edit : The car can be found in free roam parked in a secret spot which can be found.

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