"You've no idea what I've been through today, last week, last year. You've no idea what I'm capable of. Nobody does! To you I'm just another faceless cop. Now, when I take my hand away you're going to answer me one question. If you don't, I will kill you."
―Ben Mitchell
Ben Mitchell, nicknamed "Mitch", is a character in The Getaway series who acts as a secondary protagonist and a major character in The Getaway: Black Monday.

Mitch is a member of the Metropolitan Police Force and is an SO19 armed police officer based in London. He was suspended from duty in 2003 because he shot a kid in the back who was armed with a gun but hadn't actually fired on Mitch. Mitch was cleared at a hearing however and allowed to continue his service in the force. His new boss, Munroe, is suspicious of him but he also respects him and believes he's capable of doing a good job. Most of his new colleagues are also suspicious of Mitch when he first arrives.

Character Description Edit

Who's Who Edit

Quiet yet dangerous, Mitch has been accused of being trigger-happy. As an operative in the Organised Crime Squad of the Metropolitan Police, his sudden mood swings and foreboding silences may unnerve his colleagues, but his commanding officer, Inspector Munroe, respects and trusts his methods of operation. Athletic, powerful and focussed on the job in hand, his army training has prepared him for policing the city's streets. To Mitch, an order is an order, but sometimes his own judgement takes control.

Early Life Edit

Ben Mitchell was born on November 24, 1973, in London, England. He joined the army at a young age and received military training. At some point he left the army and turned to the Metropolitan Police in order to fight against gang crime. He specialised in becoming an SO19 firearms unit, due to his previous experience with guns in the army. Mitch was good at his job but he had an aggressive and rough attitude about him. As such, he had no sympathy for criminals and had no problem in taking a suspect down if they presented themselves as a possible threat. Despite this, Mitch was well respected at his job and thus eventually earned himself the title of Sergeant.

2001 Edit

"Collins. I brought him in three years ago."
―Ben Mitchell on Jimmer Collins
In 2001, Mitch was involved in an incident which led to the arrest of Jimmer Collins, a well known gangster in the Collins gang. It is unknown exactly what happened, but seen as Mitch is a firearms officer, it is most likely that they tracked Jimmer down and went in with guns in order to arrest him. Jimmer was arrested by Mitch personally and was sentenced to three years in prison for some form of illegal activity.

2003 Edit

By 2003, Mitch was a well respected Sergeant in SO19. He was good at his job and tackled firearm threats when necessary. This year was not a good one for him however. One day, he responded to a call and ended up chasing down a teenager armed with a handgun. After chasing him alone across a bridge, he ordered the teenager to surrender. When the teenager refused and ran off, Mitch opened fire with a single shot and killed the suspect with a shot to the back. Because of this, Mitch was suspended from duty and forced to attend a hearing at court, in which journalist Jackie Philips was present. After a difficult time, he was eventually cleared, but his story was well known amongst armed officers. Because of this, he earnt a reputation and knew some officers would give him a hard time for it as a result.


After being cleared of his shooting the previous year, Mitch joined a new SO19 team based at a police station in Holborn. His new boss, Munroe, was cautious of Mitch but trusted him to do a good job. Most of his new colleagues however were unhappy about Mitch joining the team.

One day, Mitch assisted in a raid on some London flats which were believed to be in use by members of the Collins crew for dealing drugs. Mitch joined the raid and assisted his team along with his new colleagues, Paul Evans, Jack Harvey and Stoppard. Munroe also was present, and gave instructions to the team through the radio. Mitch helped clean up the estate and arrested and killed several members of the gang. Afterwards, he returned to the station with his team. Evans and Stoppard were suspicious of Mitch and made comments about his presence. Harvey however was more open and offered Mitch to sit with him. Evans however joined them and had a go at Mitch, causing a brief confrontation between the two of them, which Munroe had to stop. Munroe informed him about another shooting at a boxing gym in Shoreditch and that the Collins crew were involved. Mitch drove the team over to the gym and then led the assault. Mitch burst into the gym and took out members of the Collins crew and other gangsters inside, later revealed to be members of the Thieves in Law who were Russian gangsters. Mitch cleaned up the area and chased after the leader of the Collins crew, Jimmer Collins. Jimmer however escaped by jumping over a wall and fled the area. Mitch then joined up with Munroe and examined the crime scene.

Afterwards, Munroe got a call from Finch, the surveillance specialist of the team who revealed that a man they had been watching called, Levi Stratov, had just entered his scrapyard. Munroe revealed to Mitch that they had been watching him for some time and believed he would lead them to something big. Mitch left the gym and drove over to the scrapyard along with Stoppard. When they arrived, they took out Levi's men who were revealed to be part of the Thieves in Law. Mitch battled his way through the scrapyard and eventually confronted Levi and arrested him. Mitch then brought Levi back to the station to be questioned. Mitch led the interview and got angry at Levi for insulting him and Munroe. Munroe however was more concerned about the disappearance of a British journalist called, Jackie Philips, who had been reported as missing. Levi claimed to not know anything and refused to give up any information. They allowed him to make a phone call and Levi managed to arrange his release. Munroe then ordered Mitch and Harvey to follow him and find out where he was heading. Mitch drove an unmarked police car and tailed Levi through the streets of London. Levi then led them to a construction site in Finsbury which was also being watched by Finch. Mitch and Harvey spoke with Finch who revealed they heard some strange activity coming from inside. Mitch concluded that it was Jackie who was making the noise as she was being tortured inside by Nadya Prushnatova, a member of the Thieves in Law. Mitch decided to go in when backup arrived and led the assault on the derelict building. Mitch made his way through multiple floors of the building and took out members of the gang inside. After making it to the top floor, Mitch found Jackie tied up and then released her. Levi and Nadya were already gone however. Mitch then escorted Jackie out of the building but it slowly began to collapse causing complications. After a brief shootout with more gangsters, Mitch managed to escort Jackie safely outside and into police custody. On his way out however, Mitch ran into Levi and a shootout erupted between the two. Levi is then either killed or arrested by Mitch depending on the player's choice. Afterwards, the crime scene was secured and Mitch escorted Jackie back to the police station.

Munroe then ordered Mitch to escort Jackie to a safe house, believing it would be safer for Jackie. Mitch drove Jackie over the safe house in an unmarked police car, but suddenly, they were attacked by members of the Thieves in Law and Jackie was taken once again. Mitch managed to survive the ambush and chased after the kidnappers. Mitch rescued Jackie and took her to the safe house where she revealed all she knew about the gang. Jackie told the police that they were making an exchange with another gang, revealed to be the Yardies, at the London underground. Mitch drove Evans and Munroe to the scene of the exchange to stop the deal from happening. The deal however went wrong and Mitch and Evans were ordered to stop the suspect in the exchange from fleeing. Mitch and Evans took out members of the Thieves in Law and the Yardies. They then caught up with the suspect on one of the tube station trains. The suspect was revealed to be Tyler who was working for Jamahl, the leader of the gang. Evans took Tyler back to the station but was ambushed by Yardies. Mitch then drove over to Evans and saved him but chased after the Yardies and caught up with Tyler. Mitch drove Tyler back to the station and he was taken into custody. Afterwards, Munroe got a call from Jackie who revealed that she knew who the leader of the gang was. Before she could tell them however, she heard noises outside and believed the gang was onto her. Mitch feared for her safety and told Munroe they had to leave at once.

Mitch drove over to the safe house along with Munroe. When they arrived, they discovered the dead bodies of the police officers assigned to protect her and Jackie no longer there. Mitch and Munroe entered the safe house but Munroe was shot by a Russian Youth who fled the area. An injured Munroe ordered Mitch to chase after him and Mitch obeyed. As Mitch left the room Munroe had been shot in, an explosion erupted behind him and killed Munroe. Mitch chased after the youth across the rooftops and took out members of the Thieves in Law. The youth fled to a nearby hotel and then committed suicide in front of Mitch. Evans arrived and revealed the tragic news to Mitch about the death of Munroe. An enraged Mitch hit the wall with his gun and pointed it at Evans as he lost control. Evans, now finally having come to respect Mitch, told him to calm down as he was better than how he was acting. He informed Mitch that Jackie had left a note and the two returned to the station. Back at the station, Mitch learned that the head of the gang was Viktor Skobel and that his gang was making an arms deal with the Yardies. They didn't know the location of the deal however. Mitch then found Tyler and pressed him against a wall with his hand around his neck. Mitch began strangling Tyler and threatened him, revealing his troubled past and promising to kill Tyler one day if he didn't give him the information. Fearing for his life, Tyler gave up the location as a factory in Borough. Mitch, who was now the new leader of the SO19 team after Munroe's death, gathered his team together along with other armed officers and drove over to the factory to stop the arms deal from happening.


At the factory, a boxer named Eddie O'Connor had also found his way to the scene of the arms deal. After the death of his coach, Danny West, whom Viktor had murdered, Eddie had tracked Viktor to this factory and confronted Viktor as he was in the process of making the deal with Jamahl. Nadya however stopped Eddie from attacking Viktor. Jackie Philips was also present and witnessed Eddie's arrival. Viktor ordered Eddie's death, but before they could kill him, Mitch and his team entered the factory. Jackie shouted Mitch's name in fear. Viktor ordered Eddie's death and requested Nadya bring Jackie with them. In all of the chaos, a forklift truck hit the side of the platform that Jackie and Nadya was positioned on, causing Jackie to fall over a railing and hang on for her life. As the player, it is up to Eddie whether or not Jackie lives or dies.

Save JackieEdit

If the player choses to save Jackie, Eddie runs over to Jackie and pulls her up to safety. Mitch is stood below engaged in a shootout with the Yardies and witnesses Eddie save Jackie. Afterwards, Mitch and his team clear up the crime scene but Viktor manages to escape with Eddie in hot pursuit. Mitch presumably learns from Jackie that Eddie saved her and Jackie is taken into police protection. Mitch then chases after Viktor and Eddie by himself and tracks them to Viktor's mansion. He shouts at Eddie to stop on the rooftops of the mansion after Eddie kills Nadya, but Eddie ignores Mitch and chases after Viktor. Mitch continues to follow Eddie and Viktor and ends up getting on a police boat where he chases after Viktor's boat. Mitch then confronts Eddie on the pier outside the pumphouse after Viktor's boat crashes during a struggle. Because Eddie saved Jackie earlier, Eddie convinces Mitch that he isn't the one he wants and Mitch puts his gun down and agrees to help Eddie stop Viktor. The two of them then team up and Mitch lets Eddie kill Viktor. After Viktor's death, Mitch takes the gun from Eddie and lets him go. He then heads downstairs and is reunited with Evans, Harvey and Stoppard who arrived on scene after the shootout with backup officers. If Sam Thompson has survived the outcome of the game as well, Mitch puts a towel round her and leaves her by an ambulance. Mitch and his team then begin patrolling the area and clean up the crime scene, meaning Mitch and Jackie both survive the outcome of the game.

Left JackieEdit

If the player choses to leave Jackie, Eddie runs past Jackie and doesn't pull her up to safety. Because of this, the platform gives way and Jackie is crushed to death. Mitch is stood below engaged in a shootout with the Yardies and witnesses Jackie die. Afterwards, Mitch and his team clear up the crime scene but Viktor manages to escape with Eddie in hot pursuit. Mitch is sad at the death of Jackie and vows to stop the person responsible for letting her die. Mitch then chases after Eddie by himself and tracks him to Viktor's mansion. He shouts at Eddie to stop on the rooftops of the mansion after Eddie kills Nadya, but Eddie ignores Mitch and runs off. Mitch continues to hunt Eddie and ends up getting on a police boat where he chases after Viktor's boat along the river Thames. Mitch then confronts Eddie on the pier outside the pumphouse after Viktor's boat crashes during a struggle. Because Eddie let Jackie die earlier, Mitch attempts to arrest Eddie. Depending on another choice made earlier by the player, Sam Thompson will either run over to the two of them and tell Eddie not to shoot Mitch. This causes Mitch to turn to the side and Eddie uses the opportunity to pistol whip Mitch in the face, knocking him to the floor. Eddie then runs off as Mitch gets to his feet and orders Sam to stay where she is. If Sam Thompson isn't there, Eddie looks over behind where Mitch is, causing Mitch to turn around suspiciously. Eddie then uses the opportunity to punch Mitch to the ground with his right fist. Mitch then gets to his feet and chases after Eddie. Afterwards, the two of them engage in a shootout.

Eddie asks why Mitch is starting on him to which Mitch replies that he let Jackie, an innocent woman, die. Eddie claims she fell but Mitch insists he let her fall. Eddie argues it isn't murder but Mitch believes he did murder her as everyone has different ideas about what murder is. Eddie doesn't want to kill Mitch but has no choice as he is stopping Eddie from killing Viktor. After an intense shootout, Eddie kills Mitch by the entrance to the pumphouse. He then opens the doors and looks over his shoulder, upset over the fact that Mitch is dead. Eddie then kills Viktor and prepares to leave. Outside, Evans, Harvey and Stoppard arrive on scene and Eddie hears them coming. The officers comment that Mitch is dead and enter the pumphouse to kill whoever is inside. Eddie climbs up a nearby ladder and manages to escape. In the finale, Evans, Harvey and Stoppard patrol the area and Mitch cannot be seen as he has been killed. This means Mitch and Jackie are both deceased by the end of the game.

Relationship with Jackie PhilipsEdit

It is clear from the dialogue and interaction that Mitch has feelings towards Jackie and Jackie has feelings towards Mitch. After he saves her from being held hostage, Jackie is very thankful that he saved her. When the two of them enter Mitch's police car, Jackie asks if she can call him Ben, to which he replies just Sergeant Mitchell. Jackie comments he is quiet and a moody action man. Mitch ignores her flirting remarks and drives her to the safe house for safety. Once there, Jackie learns it was Mitch who shot the kid in the back in 2003 and reveals she was at his hearing. It's clear Mitch is still haunted by the event. After Jackie calls Munroe and tells him she is in danger, Mitch doesn't hesitate in going over to rescue her, as he fears for her safety. Finally, after they arrive at the scene of the arms deal, he is desperate to save her. Jackie also cries out his name when she spots him. His feelings towards her ultimately effect the outcome of the game. If Eddie saves her, Mitch is very grateful and agrees to help him and even let him go after the death of Viktor. If Eddie leaves her however, he is heart broken by her death and vows to kill Eddie for not helping her.

If the two characters survive the outcome of the game, it is possible they started a romantic relationship with one another as it's clear they both had feelings towards one another.


Mitch is a quiet and moody man. His silences un-nerve his colleages, particularly Evans. However, Mitch has great respect for his boss, Munroe. Mitch puts his job first and has zero tolerance against the thugs and gangsters of London. Mitch has a protective side to him, as he deeply cares about the life of journalist, Jackie Philips.


Mitch carries a pistol and a sub-machine gun. He cannot pick up or use any other gun but he can loot the ammunition of dead gangsters. Both of his guns are equipped with flashlights, which will automatically activate when a dark area is entered. He can also carry gas grenades and throw them in rooms to knock out enemies. As a police officer, Mitch can also arrest his enemies and is advised to do so.

Murders Committed by Ben MitchellEdit

  • Teenager - Killed in "Tuesday" during a flashback to 2003 for being in possession of a gun and running from the police. After the teenager refused to surrender, Mitch shot him in the back.


Mission AppearancesEdit


  • The opening line of The Getaway: Black Monday was spoken by Mitch.
  • In the original trailer Mitch was shown wearing a helmet.
  • Mitch is the only character to use a two handed grip on a pistol.
  • Mitch cannot swap his weapons for new ones, unlike Eddie, but he can change between them.

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