8 Litre
The start of the race.
Character: Ben Mitchell
Key Rings Needed: None
Time to Beat: 02:07:47
Location: Westminster and Mayfair
Race: 2
Previous Race: Next Race:
Principal Oi, Ladies!
8 Litre is the second race in The Getaway: Black Monday. This race is unlocked at the very start of the game, no key rings need to be collected in order to play it. The race is set around Westminster.  The player takes control of Ben Mitchell and uses a McLaren M8 Le Mans with The Getaway: Black Monday as the sponsor. The player races five similar vehicles with different sponsors. The record time is 02:07:47.

Mission BriefingEdit


  1. Beat the other race cars to the finish line. Discover alternate race paths for short cuts.


  • The McLaren M8 Le Mans with The Getaway: Black Monday as the sponsor is actually found during Free Roaming, in the parking lot of the pumphouse, which is visited in the final mission, The Fall of an Icon.

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