This is the Bethnal Green Mob's gang car. You don't see it very much... in fact, You can find it in Mission 4, Aiding and abetting when you drive Eyebrows to the prison van bust. After mission 10 you can see them driving around and of course they will try to kill you with their AK's.It is a sports coupe, so of course it's going to be fast...very fast! Along with a good top speed, it also has an excellent acceleration. This is not always good in the busy parts of London because the handling is quite poor, if you find a good open space, this car is like a diamond.

I am not going to say that the handling is crap, but I will say that it doesn't fit the car's style. It has a really good top speed but the handling just doesn't work. It can spin out of control easily, and that is usually because the car is very fast.

The Lexus LS430 is very small and it is also quite weak. It won't last you long in London because of difficult handling and a really quick acceleration. Don't expect this car to last because it won't if you continue to drive like a manic.

You can find this Lexus around the Bethnal Green area. You will only find it being driven by someone out of the Bethnal Green Mob.

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