75 maroon

The car in-game.

MG Rover's top of the range car. This is sometimes mistaken for a Jaguar, by the less informed. It's a long car, looks sophisticated but despite having a large engine, it offers only a few thrills. The acceleration and top speed are as you'd expect - quite good, but you can usually half-inch a better motor than this. The Bethnal Green Mob also drive a red Rover 75. This car can be usually found in the upmarket, posh areas - Bayswater Road, Mayfair, etc. It was also used in Alex Hammond's kidnapping .

The Bethnal Green Mob's version has different alloys and trims as well however, the one driven by the Bethnal green is much faster.

The Rover 75 gang car driven by the Bethnal Green Mob happens to be one of the fastest cars in the game being even faster than the white Lexus ls430 which is also driven by the Bethnal Green Mob.


  • After the Jaguar was removed from The Getaway, the Rover 75 replaced the Jaguar due to its resemblance.

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