Alfa Romeo 156 T-Spark

The Alfa Romeo 156 is a compact executive car featured in The Getaway, and is also the only Alfa Romeo in the game. It is the first car driven in Story Mode, and is therefore Mark Hammond's own car.


The Alfa Romeo 156 is quite common in-game, and can be found in pretty much any borough in London. The car possesses a reasonable top speed and decent acceleration. Durability, on the other hand, is quite poor as the Alfa Romeo can emit smoke in just one crash. Handling is also above average, however, the car is prone to spinning out during turns.

Performance Figures*Edit

1.6 T-SparkEdit

0-60mph in sec: 10.6 seconds

Top Speed: 124mph


1.8 T-SparkEdit

0-60mph in sec: 9.3 seconds

Top Speed: 123mph


2.0 T-SparkEdit

0-60mph in sec: 7.2 seconds

Top Speed: 142mph


  • Source: Performance Figures courtesy of

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