This is one of the two Saab cars in The Getaway. It looks like a really crap and horrible car, which will put you off hopping in. Slightly less than average is probably a fair comment about this car, as it can't perform well, but somehow the top speed is quite excellent.

Now, lets talk about the speed. If you look at the stats above, you will see that the speed has a better ranking than the acceleration. This is not a mistake, but I believe it's true. Somehow, I got this car to its top speed, and I have to say that it took a lot longer than it does with other cars. I think this is the only car in the game that I have marked with a better top speed than acceleration. I'm not saying the acceleration is bad, but the top speed is much better.

The handling is quite weak, however, and this car isn't very reliable. As well as the handling, the car is just as weak. Too many crashes will have this car in the dump.

This car can be found almost anywhere in London. It does appear more south of the river, though. If you look around the downmarket areas you are more likely to find the Saab 900.

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